27/09/2021 By

When I was growing up, I never expected to own a Landscaping company, I actually wasn’t sure what I wanted to be. I always felt there was so much pressure as a young person to decide “what you want to be when you grow up”.

I met Alex when we were 11 years old, we were in the same class together at High School and for the first three years we were best friends. To this day our two children joke about how Mummy and Daddy would hold hands at school!

Previously, I had spent four years at university and gained a BA Honours degree in Children, Schools and Families. After that I secured a successful job with our local County Council as a Family Support Worker in Children’s Social Care and I enjoyed my time there. When Alex started his business, I spent any extra hours I had helping him set things up and get it off the ground, as much as I could- which I thoroughly enjoyed. So, when the opportunity for me to join the business as a director and work alongside Alex, I knew that’s where my heart lay. I felt the passion he had for building everyday people their dream gardens and I just had to be a part of the journey, from that moment I committed myself to building up our little business to be rivalled by no other.

I get excited every time we create another amazing garden design. The feeling I get when I see that we have built that design up in front of my own eyes is one of real pride. But, when I get to see how happy we make our clients, that’s when the tears can start!

From my early days at school not knowing exactly where I should be, or what I wanted to do- I’m so glad I’m a part of this amazing team. This is my calling and I am proud to be part of a design and build company that will not be matched on customer service. I’m truly happy now and I can wait to start this journey with you too.

We will speak soon!