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Landscaping was always going to be my chosen path in life, I’m just made for it.

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved being outside, anything just to be breathing in the fresh air. Football, hide and seek playing games like “Kirby”, camping, tree climbing, you name it that was me as a child. Do you remember that one mother stood at the front door, calling for her child to get home when the street lights came on at dark? – that was my mother, I barely wanted to be indoors unless my favourite meal was the offering. But by far my favourite pass time was “den making” in the huge woodland we were blessed with, right outside our house.

Me and my little friends would create that small space that we called our own and built it up with whatever resources we had at the time. Tree branches, old bed sheets the creativity was brilliant upon reflection, of those happy times. – we even had a guard to stand watch!

So, fast-forward to the future, imagine my excitement when I was told I could build outdoors for living….
I immediately started a future for myself in Landscaping after leaving school. I landed a good job with a successful firm and even managed to climb the “ladder”. The last five years of full-time employment I spent as part of a management team in some capacity or another.

Testament to my real passion however, came in the later years of my career.

The benefits of working indoors in winter were lovely, but I wasn’t complete or fulfilled in all honesty. The solution for this came to me one early morning, I woke up in the middle of the night. I needed to be building for people again, good people, honest home owners, that was my real passion and my drive.

It was decided at that point, 3.57am, it was time to start my own show. I set up my business shortly afterwards. Ever since then we have had the pleasure of building people’s gardens just the way they want them. Just as I did many years ago in the woodland, I see the excitement on the face of our clients almost daily. It’s a joy to share that feeling with our clients.

I imagine my career will end by building outdoor spaces for our lovely clients.

That’s my story, I can’t wait to find out yours and have the pleasure of building your perfectly landscaped outdoors.

Fondest Regards